Saturday, February 28, 2004

life sucks. it seriously does. i don't understand people at all. everyone just fuck off. i'm sick of all of your drama. i just want to leave....

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

snow day today whoo whoo so steph kaylea courtney and family and i go to fridays...welll near the end of the meal i say to everyone "this was a lovely gathering" and kaylea dawn burns thought i said something else which i will not mention for ur virgin eyes soo anyways she starts cracking up (and if u've ever seen her crack up then u will know where i'm coming from) but she doesnt stop so everyone else starts laughing too and steph just happened to be eating courtney's diaherrea chicken (*yet another story) while all of this was occuring so she starts choking for the first time in her life so kaylea decides to do the hymlic manuever but ends up doing it a little too hard so stephanie starts to throw up all over the seat we were sitting on and courtney decides to yell OMG SHE IS THROWING UP which gets the attention of everyone in the resteraunt. well u know me all i care about is food so i grab all of mine and run out screaming and kaylea, seeing steph start to throw up, runs out into the lobby after me where we wait for everyone to finish and come back out. finally after going to the bathroom and cleaning up a bit everyone else comes out with the manager and our waitress and the manager says the famous last words..."YOU SAVED HER LIFE"
until next time...

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